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Radio has always been a strong passion for me, but it was never a career. With growing demands in my life, I've not had the ability to give a weekend radio show the proper time and dedication it deserves. Like everything in life, there is a time for change, and I believe that time has come for the Clarkcast.

With that said, I've been weighing the decision to end the show for almost a year. After careful thought, the Clarkcast's last broadcast will be Saturday, February 25th at 1PM ET.

It has been a great privilege to host this show, especially on WAAM-AM in Ann Arbor. The listeners and callers have been amazing, and it's YOU I will miss the most. I would especially like to thank Linda Hughes for her support over these years.

I hope it goes without saying, but I'm certainly not "calling it quits" in the fight for liberty. There's still so much work we all must do to save our Republic...

Yours Truly,