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Bill Bennett's Morning In America opens a daily dialogue with men and women all across America. Bill Bennett describes the program, "It is a fast-paced morning show on the issues that matter most. With the voice that matters most: yours!"

News. Sports. Politics. Media. If it's making headlines, Bill Bennett's Morning In America gives you the day's first look at the latest scoop. And we open the phone lines so you can go one-on-one with our headline-making guests.

Bill Bennett's Philosophy of the Show: "A lot of people have asked, how I will speak authoritatively for three hours every day? I won't. There are some things I know, and when I know them or think I know them, I will say so. When I don't know them, I will say so too. We'll get to the truth of things together.”

William J. Bennett is one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural, political, and education issues. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Bill Bennett studied philosophy at Williams College (B.A.) and the University of Texas (Ph.D.) and earned a law degree from Harvard. He is the Washington Fellow of the Claremont Institute, & a CNN Contributor. He is also the chairman of Americans for Victory over Terrorism, a project dedicated to sustaining and strengthening public opinion as the war on terrorism moves forward.

Each morning enjoy interviews with the nations newsmakers, listeners calls from Ann Arbor and across America, and thought provoking dialogue on the issues that matter most.

Listener Call-In: (866) 680-6464