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Ric Edelman

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The Ric Edelman Show provides an entertaining and unique approach to financial advice you won’t find anywhere else. One of the most acclaimed financial advisors in the country, Ric covers the wide range of personal finance topics that are more important to you and your daily life: planning for college and retirement, handling your mortgage, maximizing your Social Security benefits, creating wills and trusts, participating in your workplace retirement plan, taxes, deciding if you need insurance, managing your investments, and much more.


Ric Edelman, widely regarded as one of the top financial planners in the nation, has been teaching Americans about personal finance. In 2016 Forbes named him among the country’s Top 10 Wealth Advisors; Barron’s ranked him the nation’s #1 Independent Financial Advisor (three times); He has been named or voted as among the profession’s most influential figures by RIABiz, one of the 15 most transformative people by Investment News, and winning Advisor 25 award from Investment Advisor magazine. Ric was inducted into Research magazine’s Financial Advisor Hall of Fame in 2004 and is the 2017 recipient of the IARFC’s Loren Dunton Memorial Award for lifetime achievement.


In addition to his weekly radio show, Ric has produced a series of specials for Public Television, and he’s a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose 10 books on personal finance have more than 1 million copies collectively in print. The Truth About Money and The Lies About Money were both named “Book of the Year” by the Institute for Financial Literacy. His ninth book, The Truth About Your Future, published in 2017, was an instant New York Times Business Best Seller. His most recent book, a children’s book written with his wife Jean, debuted in November 2018.


For nearly 30 years, The Ric Edelman Show has provided listeners with objective advice and information that is easy to understand and implement. Ric never touts investments by name, or ever makes predictions about interest rates, fed policy, legislation or regulation. No “hot tips”! Instead, Ric shows listeners how to manage their money given the many uncertainties and obstacles they face in their efforts to achieve their long-term financial goals.


Ric’s common-sense approach, along with his trademark anecdotes and humor, along with clever sounds bites and audio effects, actually make personal finance fun! Ric turns the boring and arcane topic of financial planning into an accessible and interesting topic. He reduces complex financial matters to plain English, adding his breezy, conversational style to thought-provoking data and statistics. It’s interesting and entertaining radio that keeps shows you how the latest events in the financial world affect you.


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